How to Make the Vinyl Stickers?

vinyl stickers

The trend of VSCO is getting hotter and hotter. More and more people like VSCO stickers. And most VSCO stickers are vinyl stickers. But do you know how we made it?

1. High-quality materials

The stickers are made of a variety of materials. One of the most common are vinyl stickers. The biggest feature of vinyl material: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and good flexibility. It can effectively prevent the pattern from wearing out. So it is the best choice for making stickers.

2. Superb craftsmanship

How to make a pack of vinyl stickers? Let me tell you how we made it. First of all, the designers design a variety of patterns on the computer. Then we Put the vinyl paper in the large printing press and print them. Secondly, use a patrol cutting machine to cut along the outline of the figure. It is very necessary to choose a high-precision patrolling shearing machine. Do you think this is over? No! The last step is very important. Finally, we need to coat each sticker. It is covered with a layer of plastic film on its surface. What are the benefits of this film? 1). Waterproof. 2). When we use the stickers, with this layer of plastic film, We can’t tear it easily.

How to make the vinyl stickers?

3. Packaging

At this point, we have made the stickers basically. And finally we put a few or dozens of stickers into a sealed bag.

This is the whole process of our production. We adhere to the principle of quality first in the production process. We have thousands of stickers in different styles. Such as: Skateboard Fashion Brand Stickers (100PCS) and there is always one that suits you. If you are interested in our stickers, welcome to discuss.