What is the vsco girl ?

Vsco girls have become more and more popular in recent years. We often see the tags like “vsco girl” on major social medias. This style has influenced large persons, more and more people like it.

First of all, let us konw what is a vsco girl?

“VSCO girl” comes from an app called VSCO, which is a photo editing software. The “Southern California style” is very popular, young girls love the filters style. This aesthetic evolution is slowly Become a style and the girls love it very much.

Secondly, how to become a vsco girl?

1.VSCO girls all have one point in common: Hydro Flask. We can put some VSCO stickers on the water bottle. These vinyl stickers can show the aesthetics of vsco well. We must choose waterproof stickers. We put the sticker on the outer surface. If you like aesthetic vsco stickers or Hydro Flask stickers, then you may be a vsco girl.

In fact, You can buy the vinyl stickers for your skateboards, refrigerators, tablets, suitcases, guitars, mobile phones, etc. Not only on the water bottle;

2. The second point is that Most vsco girl wears oversize T-shirt Hair band bracelet and sea shell necklace. They show a casual style.

There are many types of stickers. Choose vsco stickers and stick them on any surface you like. Let yourself be a vsco girl