Which are the fashion trends and fashion brand stickers?

With the continuous transformation of artistic styles, several styles of fashion brand have evolved in society. We can often see these fashion tags on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook platforms: #VSCO, #Vintage, # Hippie. Now let me talk about the trends with you. also the sign of these: fashion brand stickers.


You must have heard this sentence: “becoming the ultimate VSCO girl”. VSCO fashion trends are instantly loved by young girls. What are the signs of VSCO girls?

Hydro Flask

VSCO stickers

Metal straw

Crop top


Trendy brand shoes

Hair band, head rope.


Shell bracelet.

hydro flask
hydro flask
vsco girl
metal straw
Metal straw

2. Vintage (Retro)

Retro is a classic thing that was popular in the past. Its style can be integrated into the current fashion as an element, or mainly retro styles, adding some current styles. There are many vintage stickers that are deeply loved by people.

3. Hippie

In the 1950s and 1960s, a group of young people gathered together to build a popular culture. They have a rebellious spirit, hate mainstream society, and pursue peace in a maverick way. Today, hippie culture is still everywhere. Whether in the fashion industry or the music industry, hippie elements have always been popular. This is a style of hippie stickers, you can use it to understand what is hippie culture.

There are lots of fashion brand stickers. Which trend do you like?